The Advantage of Robinson Waste

There are many options when choosing which waste disposal company to use. A simple Google search of “waste companies near me” or “dumpster rental near me” brings up dozens of options. While there are a lot of options, not all of them are equal when it comes to quality of service. Here are a few reasons why Robinson Waste Services is the choice of professionals and repeat customers.  


At Robinson Waste Services, we take pride in doing what we say we are going to do! We are on time and efficient, and there are no surprises in our services or our pricing. We value our customers and ensure that we provide them the best quality service in the industry! 


Robinson Waste is a local, family-owned business that has been in the waste industry for over 50 years! With that much experience, you know that you are getting a dependable company that knows waste management. Not only is Robinson Waste locally owned and operated, but they are also one of the largest independent disposal service companies in Utah. No job is too big or too small for Robinson Waste. 

Full-Service Company

Robinson Waste Services is a full-service waste hauler, something that is not common among independent disposal companies. At Robinson Waste we haul residential, commercial, and construction. No matter what industry you are in, Robinson Waste Services is your one-stop shop for all your waste and recycling needs. 

Customer Service

Robinson Waste Services prides itself on great customer service. All phone calls come to our local office where you are immediately connected with a helpful and friendly representative that will provide you solutions and answers to your questions. Many national waste management companies will direct your call to a call center and we all know how difficult that process can be.  

If you have any special instructions you need us to accommodate, we relay that information directly to the driver’s tablets that contain route information. This means if you need a gate closed, a dumpster positioned differently, or to relay other specific information, we will accommodate these requests unlike any other waste company can! At RWS you will find a local waste management solution that provides a personalized customer experience.  


Safety is a TOP priority of Robinson Waste. Our drivers have weekly safety meetings and trainings to ensure that they are prepared and educated on best safety practices. 

We Care About Our Community

Because RWS is locally owned and operated, we truly are your neighbors! We care about Utah and the many communities we serve in Davis, Weber, Morgan, Box Elder, and Salt Lake County. It is not uncommon to see one of our drivers get out of their truck to pick up trash and debris that didn’t quite make it into the trash bin. 

Environmentally Friendly

Because we care about the community Robinson Waste makes a strong effort to be environmentally friendly. In addition to our recycling services, we operate dozens of compressed natural gas (CNG) garbage trucks which emit significantly less emissions than diesel. At our offices and mechanic shop we use solar energy to power much of our daily operations.

To learn more about our green initiatives click here: Green Initiatives

Why Use Robinson Waste?

Robinson Waste Services is a local, independent waste hauler you can count on. Our customer service and accommodating attitude is unmatched. When you call us, you speak with a real person right here in your community who understands your needs. With a great customer experience and great rates, we know you’ll love using Robinson Waste for all your dumpster rental needs.